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Windows Phone 7.5 or higher

Traffic Race 3D - de


Speed down a road with ever increasing traffic. Avoid all cars and signs and try to get as far as possible.

Higher speeds increases the bonus but how long can you go on without breaking?

This game is in beta so there are some know bugs but please let me know what you think about the game. 

Ce e nou in versiunea

v0.7 update got corrupted on the Marketplace. It caused the game to crash when you collided with something. Only solution is to reinstall the app.
Not sure if this will happen again with v0.8...

- Added workaround for delays when starting a game. (More info available on my site).
- Added vibrate on/off setting.
- Added feature to push system Alerts to users in case of major bugs etc. 
- Fixed off-road turn exploit bug.

- Added feature to retry upload of new high scores if internet fails.
- Fixed possible crash in Hall of Fame High Score system due to partial downloaded high scores.
- Fixed issue with very large scores.

- Prevented phone from locking during game play.
- Added slider to adjust accelerometer sensitivity. 
- Increased max speed of player car slightly. 
- Vibrates device when crashing.
- Added Admob as Ad provider.
- Added Asteroid Lander to Free Game List. 
- Added system to respond on feedback from users. 

First beta release of the game. 

Known issues: 
- AI cars have issues with collision detection and can run through each other at times. 
- AI cars act strange while breaking at times. 
- Unicode doesn't work. Chinese characters work in the Hall Of Fame.

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