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Vanzator: Deveci Games

Cerinte: Windows Phone 7 or higher

SpeedCar - de Deveci Games


#1 ireland #1 india #2 austria #3 Spain #5 Mexico #8 Canada #9 Australia #10 USA #10-20 Italy, GB, Singapore VERSION 2.2: =========== Cost of colors decreased to $5500 VERSION 2.1: =========== Cost amounts of all items are significantly decreased VERSION 2.0: =========== ANNOUNCING: -CAREER MODE - Have your own budget - BUY NEW CARS: 2 NEW CARS YOU CAN USE - Customize your car: ENGINE, TRANSMISSION - Customize your car: TURBO, EXHAUST - Customize your car: COLORS, WEAPONS - Play quick modes with career mode cars you have in your garage - Fixed bug with default controlling style HOTFIX 1.6: -------------- MENU GRAPHICAL IMPROVEMENTS UPDATE: 1.5 ---------------- ADDED FANTASY MODE Now you can use bazooka or leave nails to the road to destroy any car. UPDATE 1.4 ------------- Fixed instructions screen Mission objective font size decreased UPDATE 1.3 ------------- ADDED ARCADE MODE: Now you can play challenging arcade mode missions. UPDATE 1.2: - Choose your controlling style. We've reviewed your comments and now totally 6 different controlling styles included. - Choose your car color - Your choice of options will persist. - Better screen management. HOTFIX 1.1: - The problem with the cars showing up anywhere is because sometimes Ad Component disappears and the gameplay area increases. This update fixes that issue. In a week or two there will be update including new features. Keep on reviewing the game, thanks. FEATURES 1.0: - Driver your car by dragging it. - Get into a challenging Police Chase scenario exceeding the speed limit. - LEADERBOARDS: Top 10 Scores Your comments are much appreciated, help us improve the game with your reviews.

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