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Vanzator: TouchFirst.com

Cerinte: Windows Phone 7 or higher

Pick-Top-Stix Free - de TouchFirst.com


Pick-Top-Stix is a fun version of the classic Pick up Sticks game (also known as 'Pick-A-Stick'). The goal is to remove all sticks in order from the Top to Bottom and get the best score possible. You cannot remove the sticks out-of-order. The game ends and the timer stops when you remove the last stick. The game rewards you for speed, skill, accuracy and a good memory. The more you go without tapping incorrect sticks the more points you get. You also earn additional points for speed and how quick you finish it but be careful tapping incorrect stixs remove points of the score! Features: - Beautiful interface with colorful graphics. - Global Leaderboards. See how you stack against other players all over the world. - Nice Visual Effects and Slick Animations. - Really fun sounds. VERSION HISTORY: V1.5 - Minor bug fixes. - Improved Leaderboards. - Better sounds & vibrations.

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