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9 MB

Vanzator: Stiq Joy LLC

Cerinte: Windows Phone 7 or higher

Physi Bricks - de Stiq Joy LLC


A physics powered game in which the goal is to knock green blocks off the screen using many different types of ammo. Play many unique levels with unique ammo types including: Stone, Explosive, Detonateable Explosive, Disintigrator, Implosion, Anti-Gravity, Magnet, and Color Swap balls. Can you figure out what ammo to use to get the highest score? Version 1.7 Update: * Added 30 New Levels! * Fixed bug that made it impossible to get 3 Hearts on levels 49 and 75. * Polishing off Level Editor...hopefully completed within a week. Version 1.6 Update: * Added 30 New Levels! * Added Portals Version 1.5 Update: * Fixed problem with selecting ammo Version 1.4 Update: * Added 30 New Levels! * Added 2 New Ball Types * Added New Brick Type * Fixed bug where sometimes ammo would not unlock Version 1.3 Update: * Fixed nasty bug where only stone balls are available for first 30 levels! Version 1.2 Update: * Added 30 New Levels! * Added Pivot Joint * Added Help Menu with Skip or Walkthrough Video * Added Reset Scores Option * Added Vibration On/Off Option * Improved Level loading performance Version 1.1 Update: * Fixed game crash that was affecting some countries. * Fixed unbeatable levels that was affecting some countries (Level 7). * Fixed large text on first 3 levels that was affecting some countries. * Improved performance when many bricks fall off the screen at same time. * Added "Rate" button. If you get stuck on a level, check out the video walkthrough at

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