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Vanzator: ashtech software

Cerinte: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher

Messenger (by ashterisk) - de ashtech software


Now with update for Mango - 1. Toast notification of incoming messages (using background media player agent) 2. Fast app switching. 3. Send and receive pictures and few bug fixes Messenger (by ashterisk) is a client for yahoo messenger service. With Messenger (by ashterisk), you can now communicate with your friends and family in real time with nice SMS style conversation view. Messenger (by ashterisk) will alert you on new messages as well and notify you of new emails. Features - 1. View contacts by groups 2. View online only contacts 3. SMS style conversation view 4. Conversation and history view 5. add/delete contact 6. accept buddy request Note - Messenger (by ashterisk) is not affiliated by Yahoo and requires an account which can be created @ Trial mode supports IM functionality with ads. Push notifications are only supported in paid version.

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