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Vanzator: Voodoo Craft

Cerinte: Windows Phone 7.5 or higher

ElectrumDeus - de Voodoo Craft


New features in 2.1 : - Added the clock mode. Be the master of electrons with this gorgeous particle simulator. You have the power of the Electrum Deus in your fingers, watch electrons react as you create multiple vortexes and explosions ! Feast your eyes upon the glowing shapes your minions will draw on the pulsating electric fog. Without a doubt the most beautiful particle simulator on the market. Multi touch support allows you to create multiple vortexes at any time. Sound effects add to the strangely relaxing atmosphere and emphasize your godly taps and swipes. New features in 2.0 : - It's christmas ! The electrons smarten up for the occasion, they now draw images when they get bored. You can also order them to draw whatever pleases you.

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