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Virion - de Jonah Kagan, Varun Singh, Jonathan Koh, Charis Loke


From the creators on browser performance:
Virion is an impressive HTML5 game in which you take the role of a virus particle. Your goal is to stay alive by replicating and infecting enemy cells. Pressing the SPACE bar will burst an infected cell that you have taken control over, and cause you to shoot out new virions to infect newer cells. Then you can use the ARROW keys to switch cells under your control. Some cells can be infected while others are resistant or immune. As you progress your virus mutates so you can work with multiple strains. You'll also encounter macrophages, B Cells, T Cells, and antibodies- all enemies that you want to avoid (probably should have paid more attention in Biology class). Consider reading the 'How to Play' button before jumping in. Overall, the game is fun and addictive, with some excellent music and artwork to go along with it. Oh yeah- it's all HTML5.

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