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Versiunea curenta: 3.5.3

6.5 MB

Vanzator: Simun Mikecin

Cerinte: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Romanian TV Guide - de Simun Mikecin


Romanian TV Guide is an app for checking Romanian TV schedules anytime, anywhere. Track your favorite shows and programs, set alarms for when the shows you love are on the air, comment on your favorites and share them with your friends on Facebook & Twitter. Use your location to check-in to Foursquare from wherever you are watching TV without ever leaving the app and use the maps to see what others are watching nearby and find out what the most popular shows in Romania are.

● Supports 75 romanian + 110 foreign TV stations
● Ability to check TV schedule from anywhere, anytime
● Easily find and track reruns and all episodes of a series by setting it as a "Favorite"
● There can be a lot of useful data for a show: description, duration, actors, directors, country of origin, screenshots, IMDb WWW link, etc.
● You can search by station, category or a keyword
● Shows are categorized heuristically in one of these categories: Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, Animated, News, Entertainment, Music and Sports

● Ability to receive an alarm before the show is on air: up to 2 hours before the show
● Alarms can be received even when the application is not running
● Alarms can be received even when you are offline
● Automatic rescheduling of alarms if show schedule changes
● If set to a "Favorite" show, alarms will be sent automatically every time that show is on air

● All data downloaded from the network can be used offline for later use, so you can use this application even when you are offline
● TV listings are downloaded for up to 20 days in the future
● TV listings are downloaded in the background, so application is fully functional while downloading
● Fast application switching support
● Multitasking support: download or processing tasks will continue to run while application is in the background

● All application views work in both portrait and landscape orientation of your device
● High resolution graphics support for iPhone 4 retina display

● Top list of most popular shows in your region
● Find out about shows that are popular around you, including a map view of other users
● Integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare

Q: Why is the feed not working?
A: Sometimes feeds are turned off or not available. We have no control over the internet feeds used by the application.

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Ce e nou in versiunea 3.5.3

Visual improvements for retina display.
More channels.

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