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Versiunea curenta: 1.0.7

42.7 MB

Vanzator: Baruch Richter

Cerinte: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Find a Way, José! - de Baruch Richter


#1 Overall-App in Brazil & Spain, #1 Puzzle Game in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, #1 Board Game in Argentina, Italy and many more countries. Thanks to all of our fans!

★★★★★ - ❝ Very rarely rate apps... But THIS is SUPERB!!!!!! It's the simplest ideas that prove to be the best! - full marks! ❞ - NorredineII

Put your brain to the ultimate test in 'THE' mind-bending epic puzzle game of the year!

Find a Way José is the new puzzler on the block. This refreshing sliding-block game combines high-fidelity graphics and sounds with addictive puzzle solving madness to create a one of a kind brain-teasing extravaganza.

The gameplay is extremely easy to pick up: slide away irregularly shaped blocks in all 4 directions and guide José to his long-lost potion. Some obstacles are non-movable, and many levels have strange and surprising boundaries which make this game a unique experience. On his exciting journey, José will explore 6 exotic worlds and solve 90 mind-provoking riddles.

So put your clever hat on, and set up your brain for turbo-mode. You'll have to be very resourceful and extremely cunning in order to overcome this puzzle game.


❝ With a fun RoadRunner meets 21st century aesthetic and polished graphics, Find a Way Jose game for iPhone and iPad delivers light humor and addictive brain teasers. ❞ - appsafari, 4/5
❝ Puzzle fans will definitely enjoy this game and players looking for a visual treat will not get disappointed. ❞ - webapprater, 8.5/10
❝ This game creates a new twist to the classic and boring sliding block puzzler genre. You will definitely get addicted to the game. ❞ - apps400, 4/5


★★★★★ - ❝ Very addictive! Really great game for the puzzle minded peeps ❞ - lars hooghwerff
★★★★★ - ❝ One Of The Best Ipad Games. I very rarely rate and never review apps. This one I make an exception for. Superb in every way : ) ❞ - Phil Davies
★★★★★ - ❝ Awesome game, and I am not the only one who thinks so - it is one of my son's favorites! ❞ - jabronka
★★★★★ - ❝ Very good and addictive puzzle game A must have... Cheers to the developers! ❞ - Udit Kumar


✓ Simple yet addictive gameplay
✓ Sharpen your problem solving, strategical thinking and coordination skills
✓ Flex your brain muscles with 90 challenging puzzles that will keep you playing and playing for days
✓ Venture into 6 exotic worlds with richly-detailed retina graphics and high fidelity soundtracks
✓ Accumulate J-Coins as you play along to unlock frustratingly hard levels
✓ Craft your own levels with our exclusive Level Builder
✓ Submit your score and progress with Game Center support and Twitter and Facebook integration
✓ José will cheer, sing and cry - "Mexican Style", depending on your progress
✓ Free Level Updates

★ Warning: This highly addictive game is not intended for the slow-witted. If excessive heat accumulates in your left-brain hemisphere, we suggest putting this game down for a couple of hours.

Download "Find a Way, José!" now, and enjoy an extremely rewarding mind-boggling puzzle game experience!

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Ce e nou in versiunea 1.0.7

• Bug fixes

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