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Versiunea curenta: 1.7.0

17.5 MB

Vanzator: Macadamia Apps LLC

Cerinte: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

GroupShot - de Macadamia Apps LLC


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* Digital Photo Buzz: "It really blows my mind how far technology has come…"

* Appolicios: "GroupShot iPhone app is photography magic… fantastic addition to an iPhone photographer's toolkit"

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GroupShot solves a common problem found in group photos, namely one person who isn't facing the camera or whose expression doesn't fit the rest of the group.
Usually people take several shots of group photos, with the hope that one will be perfect.
With GroupShot, users can pick and choose parts of each photo, then combine all the parts to create the perfect shot that looks exactly the same.

The usage is incredibly simple. All you need to do is to load your images, mark the parts you wish to replace, and choose the best option from the rest of the set.

GroupShot is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge.


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Q: What is the resolution of the image created by GroupShot?
A: The resolution of the image created by the current version is 800 x 600 px. We are working on increasing this resolution and will include this improvement in our future updates.

Q: Does GroupShot work with pictures that are not identical?
A: GroupShot works the best with pictures that have the same background, however, pictures do not need to be identical. The images on this page and in our demo albums are a good example.

Q: Do I have to enable enable Location Services?
A: No. Location Services is optional. If you wish to leave it off, you can do that.

Q: What about more languages?
A: We are working on it. Our next update will include Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French.

Q: Does it work on iPad?
A: Yes, of course!
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Ce e nou in versiunea 1.7.0

Stability bug fixes

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