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Vanzator: Denis Totoliciu

Luggage Lists - de Denis Totoliciu


It's Happy Packing Day! Take pictures of your luggage items to keep them around you in your trips, vacations and business travels. Protect every dear little thing traveling with you. Do it all relaxed in a few steps: [Preparation] 1. Make up an empty list 2. Take pictures of your luggage items 3. Put the pictures in the list [Packing] 4. When it's packing time, the list will shine, so... 5. Grab the items pictured in the list 6. Put them in a bag 7. Double-tap the pictures of the packed items to remember that they are in the bag When you are done packing, you're done worrying. Enjoy your trips! [+ Application Features +] [Language translations] * English * Romanian [Luggage lists] * create/modify/delete luggage lists and their settings * modify the settings of a luggage list by tapping its information accessory button * luggage lists are colored depending on their usage date: the sooner they are going to be used, the intenser their colors * sort the luggage lists by tapping the "My Luggage" title in the navigation bar on the main screen [Luggage list items] * the size of the luggage items thumbnails can be customized from the "List Details" page * double-tap luggage items thumbnails to mark them as "Packed in bag" or "Unpacked from bag" * single-tap a luggage item thumbnail to view its picture in full * thumbnails of luggage items can be deleted only when displayed in full view * swipe left or right when viewing luggage items pictures in full view to jump to the next or to the previous one * swipe up when viewing a luggage item picture in full to hide the full view [Taking pictures of luggage items] * the the luggage items pictures already taken can firstly be managed, before adding them to the luggage list, in the small thumbnail scroller visible right on top of the camera * single-tap or swipe-up on a thumbnail in the thumbnail scroller to view the thumbnail in full view * single-tap or swipe-down on a luggage item picture viewed in full to hide the full view * swipe left or right when the luggage item picture is displayed in full view to jump to the next or to the previous luggage item picture * thumbnails can be deleted only when they are viewed in full view And many more features to come! Stay tuned

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