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Vanzator: jianwei yu

Cerinte: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Toddler Romanian: 200 Words - de jianwei yu


The app is not free but is worth every penny of the $1.99 you will spend to get these amazing features.

Easy and fun way for kids to learn Romanian!

Toddler Romanian helps young children learn Romanian in a simple and entertaining manner. Kids don't just learn words. They become familiar with all the basic Romanian sounds.
* 200 words and images

* Professionally recorded, native speaker voiceovers

* Beautiful images

* Toddler Learning Engine

* Simple navigation with arrows and flick gesture for Toddlers

* Now with word categories!
We have carefully selected objects making sure that each and every distinct sound in the Romanian language (phoneme) is represented in the words and objects.

With this app your child's little ears and mouth will get accustomed to Romanian sounds, making it easier for them to learn the language more formally latter on. Studies show that language skills peek early on in life. Let you little ones use these amazing learning abilities. We all now later on, it is so much harder!

In this app your little one will find:
★200 entertaining and eye-catching images

★Romanian words for common objects easily applied in everyday life activities (see list below)

★Romanian words for kid's favorites such as animals and means of transportation.

★Words spoken by a friendly native speaker (neutral Romanian)

★Toddler Learning Engine for gradual learning

Suggestion on how to use this app:
Help your child identify and match the objects with ones you may have at your house. Encourage them to say them out loud, and later on, try to include Romanian words into their daily routine a few words at a time .

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