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Updatat: February 11, 2011

Versiunea curenta: 1.1


Vanzator: Trimbitas Sorin-Iulian

Cerinte: Requires Android: 2.1 and up

Coin price catalog - de Trimbitas Sorin-Iulian


Do you want to see the value of a specific coin? Well .. here is the solution!

Do you have coins and you want to see their value? Or maybe you are at a junk market and someone is selling coins and you really don't want to loose the opportunity of not buying a rare coin at a really cheap price ?

Use this application to see if a particular coin worths a cent or thousands of dollars.

More than 13,000 coins with images and prices are available.

Needs Internet connection!

PS : You can contribute to the catalogs on this website :

Ce e nou in versiunea 1.1

What's in this version: Back button does not exit the app anymore Interface changes

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